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In response to the emergency COVID-19, through the application will show you which areas claiming to sanitize their spaces after each booking. For more information click here.

A new experience for your work

Reservation types

Buy credit through app

Some spaces may decide to set an hourly consumption required to be purchased in the app and consume during the booking process.

Pay in-store your orders

The spaces that do not require a mandatory hourly consumption allow you to book for free.

How does it work


See the details of the space

Through the application you can see the local information, reviews it received, the hourly price, photographs and much more.


Select the time you need

It decides the start time and end of session. Automatically, you will be shown the total price of the reservation.


We warn the space of arrival

As soon as a reservation is made, hereby we give notice that prepares the local private station, no more feeling of being out of place during working hours.

Instnat booking

No more email to send, forms to fill out, and several days before receiving an answer ... With Nibol you can book a workspace with a click, someone calls it "future".

HR and facility managers?

Nibol Business allows you to help your employees find and book unique spaces for meetings, presentations or businesses.

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10,000 people use Nibol to work

Maurizio Passerini
We often meet other users and exchange with their different professional experiences. This makes Nibol experience more human than other solutions.
Federica Mutti
Digital Marketer
With Nibol not only I am sure that I will have the best possible experience, but I have a feeling of belonging to something larger, a community and a way of life!
Giulia Bosi
Content Strategist
Congratulations to the team Nibol. Being able to work freely anywhere was something missing and solves a big problem for all smart-workers like me: where I sit down to work?